At a Glance

Located in 80 hectares land of Ciseeng, Bogor, Inagro is a perfect area for recreational activities for families and private events. With its highly fertile land, Inagro is also home to thousands of plants, both native and planted. This highly diverse characteristic of Inagro makes it a versatile place for any occasion and activities.

Our Business


We believe that our future depends on the young generation and their ability to learn the fundamental ways of living, and one of them is through agriculture. Our purpose is to promote fun and interactive learning, hence we offer integrated agriculture training for kids, families and groups coupled with outbound activities. Moreover, we also offer seminars and workshops to cater other topics.


In an era where the effect of unsustainable agriculture practice had taken its toll on our environment, it becomes more crucial for industries to develop and innovate on a rather sustainable product. We are committed to deliver only the best quality of our products and provide the best service to our customers.

Our Take on Sustainability

We believe that nature and the people surrounds it are the greatest and the most important things for our company. We are committed that these two pillars, people and nature, will benefit most from our work economically and environmentally. We also aim to pursue sustainability by lessening our environmental impact in ways that are measurable. These efforts include:

Establish our own waste management system

Efficient use of resources

Encouraging and educating individuals about the importance of waste sorting and 3R principle

Responsible and sustainable land use practice