At a Glance

Located in Ciseeng, Bogor, Inagro is the perfect recreational area for families and events. It is also a home for thousands of native and non-native plants. Inagro is an ideal spot for various occasions.

Our Business


It is important for the future generation to learn the fundamental ways of living through agriculture. Inagro promotes exciting and interactive agriculture learning for all ages through seminars, workshops, and fun outbound activities.



Unsustainable practice in agriculture has damaged our environment. Therefore, it is imperative for industries to develop and innovate on sustainable products. We are committed to produce only the best quality sustainable products.

Our Take on Sustainability

Nature and people are the greatest assets for our company. We wish that both nature and people will benefit from our company. We also aim to pursue sustainable environment by:

establishing our own waste management system

using resources efficiently

encouraging and educating individuals about the importance of waste sorting and the 3R Principle and

being responsible and implementing sustainable practice