Mycorrhiza (MZ2000)

MZ2000 is a biofertilizer produced through biotechnological process. This eco friendly fertilizer is used as a defense mechanism against pathogens to increase the fertility of soil.


fiber_manual_record To increase nutrients absorbance for the plants especially water and phosphor
fiber_manual_record To break down nutrients to be used directly for the plants
fiber_manual_record To help boost the growth and development of the plants
fiber_manual_record To protect plants from pathogen, drought, and heavy metal contamintation
fiber_manual_record To maximize the use of other fertilizer


fiber_manual_record Rehabilitation of mining sites
fiber_manual_record To protect against ganoderma in palm plantation
fiber_manual_record Seedlings for forestry, fruit, and crops

Palm Tree 40-60g/polybag or 24kg/Ha
Rubber, Coffee, Cacao, Tea 30-40g/polybag atau 16kg/Ha
Sugarcane 400kg/Ha
Jabon, Sengon, Acasia, Mahoni, Jati, Gmelina, Horticulture 10-15gpolybag (1tbsp)